Thursday, September 25, 2008

How to download From MEGAUPLOAD

Here is a video I found that shows you exactly what to do to download from megaupload, which is where I store most of the files you will find on the site.
When you click the link on the site, it will usually take you to a redirection site first (this is to hide the URL and help the links to the music to last longer!).
On the redirection site you will see some text telling you to click to continue to download the file. (I am going to post a video very soon showing how to click through the redirection sites just in case anyone is confused but for now leave a comment if you get stuck!)
After you click to continue to download, then you will end up on the Megaupload page for the file.
That is where this video begins, right on the Megaupload page for downloading.

Watch it and then you are ready to download.
If you have any confusion or problems, don't be embarrassed, just leave a comment here and I will advise and help you out.

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