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Password Problems?

I get a lot of emails regarding trouble opening files that have been downloaded, passwords not working or an inability to open a downloaded rar file so I will attempt to clear up this problem in the following text.
Let me start with the very obvious.

The most common cause of complaint is when people have tried to use mp3@3pm or MP3@3PM (not noticing the UPPER and lowercase letters which are important!). So please, if you have a problem with the password, copy the following and paste it into winrar:

Less simple problems..
The first part of this will refer to WINDOWS USERS ONLY and I will be talking of the use of Winrar so, if you do not have Winrar installed then you must go and get it, install it then return. You can get it here. Mind you, if you got to this page and you didn't already have winrar installed then it is most likely that your problem will be solved when you install it.
All of the files you download from here are packed inside Rar archives. This has already been covered in detail here.
Now, Winrar has a strange anomaly that is worth noting anfd almost never pointed out: If a rar archive (winrar file) has become corrupted then Winrar will throw up an error during the attempted extraction of the files inside. This is fine you say but the problem is this: The error winrar gives out is usually not correct in relation to the actual problem. what I mean by this is simply that, when a file is corrupted and you try to open it, 9 times out of 10 you will get the following winrar error:
Filename...error, corrupt file: WRONG PASSWORD?
I just guessed at the main part of that line above, it differs depending on the corruption and the filename but the important part is the end part.. WRONG PASSWORD?

Most people, on seeeing this, understandably, will think well I just downloaded this file, it downloaded ok...I try to open it and it now tells me error wrong password...
Then they assume the password is wrong.
It most likely is not.
This is the number one cause of complaints when sending rar archives to people with a password. Also, 9 times out of 10 all they have to do is go and download the same file again and try to open it again as usual. It is highly unlikely to give the error a second time.
It can happen however. As the files are uploaded to a filehost like rapidshare or megaupload, they are then there for you to download. I assume, when I upload them, that the transfer went ok. Sometimes it might not. so the file that the host is serving up to you could be a corrupted one and so, every time you download it you will get the corrupted file and, consequently, the error.
If you do get the same error from the same file downloaded more than once then you must let me know on the shoutbox on the main site or email. It is only then that I would have to re-upload the file.

Now, there are for sure many other situations where a password will not work but let me assure you that the password for files here is ALWAYS the same. There can be no deviation from it as it is an automatic archiving template for every file.

If you came here looking for a solution after failing to open a file then I hope that by this point your problem has been solved. You need to try the copy and paste of the password from this page firstly. then try to redownload the file. Most albums will have multiple links for the files so on the second try, use a different link so that instead of re-downloading from say Rapidshare, you will use megaupload this time. Then you should be OK.

For MAC users, I have little knowledge of MACS but I do know that various programs will do the same thing as winrar and give the false password error message for a file that is OK (not even corrupted!). This usually is rectified by using a different unrar tool for your files. See suggestions here
So you see, it isn't brain surgery and most of you will find an easy solution to that annoying wrong password error box!

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Blogger Henry said...

As a dummy in downloading file i need more help?I have downloaded file from rapid share to WinRaR now the file is Encrypting needs password I have tried pasteting the password
you use but no luck.What am i doing wrong?

March 01, 2009 10:39 PM  
Blogger hitmewithit said...

Hello there. I would need as much information s possible but it sounds like you are not really doing anything wrong.
As long as you have MADE SURE you are using the correct password which is always
Try typing it instead of copying and pasting it - as long as you use the same UPPERCASE and lowercase letters it should work.
If it does not work then it might be that downloading the file has coruptd it and so you need to delete it and download it again.
However, this is why I need more information from you - if it is part of a multiset of rar files (part 1, part 2, etc) then it might be that one of the others is corrupt or that you are trying to open a file which is part of a set and so you need all of the parts first before you try to open it.
There is one other possibility and that is, the old password I used to use, if it is a file you downloaded that was posted a long time ago then the password would be:

I hope something there helps. If not then let me know what file it is, from which post on the site, and what you have tried so far. What error message do you get from winrar?

March 02, 2009 11:43 AM  

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